The World Lounge Co&Co Sapporo

Find a door to the world on your street corner.
Expand your horizons. Create your map to
the world.
Discover a new way
of seeing things.
Shape your future.


Find a door to the world on your street corner.

Communities without borders,Ideas without limits.

The World Lounge Co & Co is a global lounge
that can connect us with each other.
We have eight doors or projects that offer you different opportunities;
through space, language, learning, cultural exchange,
books, food and human connection.
You can choose to open a door to the world, right on your street corner.


Within your everyday life,discover a new world

The World Lounge Co & Co brings together people from all over the world, regardless of nationality, age or interest. Our vision is to create a community that is wide, free and deeply inspired by culture. A learning community that values equality and creativity and that can influence the world around it. A flexible space where we can work, study or relax. A place where we can develop and grow together.


Eight doors to connect youto the world

The World Lounge Co & Co brings you closer to a world you thought was far away, one step at a time. Our projects combine 3 language schools and a study abroad agency, with an international café/bar, a select bookstore, private study rooms and rental space. Here you have state of the art facilities and resources that are designed to support your learning journey. You can open your door to the world through language, books or people, and be supported every step of the way.


  • This is a place where friends become family.

    Hokkaido JaLS unites students from all over the world through a mutual love of Japanese language and culture. Here, you will welcomed into our warm school community, and enjoy a new kind of communication as you step out of your comfort zone.

  • Steady Study
    Co-learning Space

    Reserve a seat for the person you wish to become.

    Learning takes many forms. For some, learning happens when they are alone. For others, whilst they are in a lively environment. Some enjoy music and tea whilst they focus. We provide a co-learning space where each person can find their own style. Where each person can work towards their dreams.

  • The Language House
    English Language School

    Access your entrance of the world.

    We often want to feel just a little closer to the world. Learning English can make us unafraid of the unknown. Have fun learning English from native speaking teachers in a friendly and relaxed conversation school.

  • Second Home
    Café and Bar

    Take a deep breath. And just breathe.

    We want to work hard – but good rest is important in order to sustain our energy. Our café and bar is just like your own home. Use it to work. But also use it to pause, relax, and enjoy a coffee as a cup of reward to yourself.

  • Asian Café
    Asian Languages School

    Language closes the space between us

    Within Asia we see a huge mix of cultures, ideas, similarities and differences. We can be close and far from each other at the same time. Develop your passion and understanding through studying Asian languages and broaden your horizons at the same time.

  • Trip Books
    Select Bookstore

    Signposts on the journey.

    Within words, you can find tips, new discoveries and a sense of encounter. Sometimes, in the midst of learning, a signpost will appear in front of you. Read and purchase carefully selected books from our own personally recommended collection.

    Study abroad and Intern Internationally

    Take a look at yourself after travelling across the ocean.

    Reach out and touch an unknown country. Touch an exotic culture. Have a life-changing and life-forming experience. We can support you with your dreams to study internationally and help you every step of the way.

  • Space Kante
    Coworking Space

    The power to move forwards begins here.

    When people meet together there is huge power. It is the platform where decisions and changes can be made. Our rental space is suitable for seminars, meetings and events. It is the space for opportunities to become reality.


The World Lounge Co&Co
The World Lounge Co&Co
Takesato Bldg. 2F, Kita 2 Nishi 3 1-29,
Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido 060-0002
opening hour
10am – 10pm
10am – 7pm
  • A 5-minute walk from the South Exit of Sapporo Station.
    Straight along Clock Tower Street in Odori Park district.
  • A 5-minute walk from Odori Station.
    Straight along Clock Tower Street
    in the direction of Sapporo Station.
  • A 3-minute walk from the underground walkway Exit 1.
    Turn left when you come out of the exit,
    and take a right on the first main corner.